Burning down the house…

In 2012/2013 on March 27, 2012 at 12:30 pm

As this is a theatre blog after all, a little theatre review to kick off, if you’ll indulge me, a quick one line…ok you know it’s going to be two. I’m not reviewing stuff on here but I will share the love. So. If you love, like or have never seen anything by Simon McBurney’s Complicite go and see their take on Bulgakov’s brilliantly bizarre novel The Master and The Margarita. I went last night and including a brief chat with the man himself who seemed utterly panicked (from past encounters this, I think, might just be his general vibe), the show was stunning.

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Complicite has an uncanny knack of taking, on top of their own trademark techniques, the best of the “oh that’s clever” advancements in current theatre and employing them with perhaps wiser restraint in their work, e.g .Ontroerend Goed’s filming of the audience in (yeah you guessed it) “Audience” was used for a single moment in M&M but a perfect moment which served the text poignantly. Anyway that was 3 lines so I will leave you with that just as we left McBurney to his seat at the very back of the stalls. Too endearing for words.

N.B This is not one for the grandparents – its 3 1/2 hours all told with quite a bit of nudity, dark themes and violence. Unless your grandparents are into that kind of thing. Which is fine.


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